Lugguage for the last journey.

Fourteen perons between 8 and 90 years were asked to chose luguage for 'the last journey'; the journey after the dead.
Everybody could chose a colour , a piece of music and five things from what is present in the world. This question often leaded to intense talks about life and dead.
The views about what will be after dead were very difers.

All persons made a choice. The result can be seen in the see trough suitcases and it can be read in a booklet.
Fourteen suitcases for the last journey in the space.
Luggage for the last journey; Pramila; 8 years
Dad, mammy, my rabbit and the horse I take care off are all everything I love, They all go with me. Gold is my colour and snowwhite "Here comes my prince", is my favorit music.

Luggage for the last journey, suitcase Eva;
Heart with soil from met Guinee Bissau, The Nederlands and Nepal, feathers from birds of these countries, a sea of khata's, the sungodess Suria with her wisdom eyes. Colour; heaven blue, Music; drumsolo Guinee and Richard Straus "Tomorrow".

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