'The colour of Gods, hapiness and violence.'
The singing fish from Batticola.
In the night the fishermen heard, dark voices singing from the depth of the sea. "Hear,"the father said and the son listened to the singing fishes. An astay bulet.... Now his father was no more and he exchanged the net for a rifle. Landed in hell and feld. His eras, forever hearing the sound of the war, dull.... The fish are dumb.

Page from 'The colour of Gods, hapiness and violence.'
Missing persons
Wandering trough no-mans-land.
Not in the land of living.
not in the land of the dead,
but in the mind of the loved ones,
where their fresh emmories are fading.
How many are wandering around there?

In 'Praat me niet van verre zeeen ' you find folktales I heard in Guinee Bissau. Remco Ekkers retold the stories, the illustrations are computerdrawings by me.

'People of the past,' you read by the play of the profils outlines. people I met on my journey to Nepal do appear again in different ways.

Flip Ekkers asked me to create a book about my life in Sri Lanka. It became a colourfull collection of snatches from Gods, hapiness, and violence in word and image. Edited by Philip Elchers in 2008.

On the 17th centuries old Dutch graves in Sri Lanka one can read a lot about the Dutch lifes then. This intriged me so much that I made a book about it.
Jan de Bruin made the poems gedichten.

Real Love containts folktales I heard High in the mountains in Nepal.
The are about hughe and impossivel loves of prinses and princesses.

Sacha; brocate binding and layout- Eva; text and illustrations.

For Bending Bamboo I folowed 11 Nepali women during a year. They told about their lives, their cultural traditions and about recent changes that took place in their environment.